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Vol. 15 (54), № 1. 2002

Gankiewicz V.Yu.
Printers of llyas Boraghanskiy in St-Petersburg
The author article tells about to foundation and development turk-muslim printers of Ilyas Boraghanskiy in St-Petersburg (end XIX - beginning century).

Dmitriev V.V.
Gradonachalniks (Military Governors) Southern Ukraine in XIX - Beginning XX

In the article there have been studied activities of gradonachalniks (military governors) and their role in development of the southern Ukraine in XIX - beginning XX centuries.

Irhin A.A.
USA and Army Role in the Political Life of Turkey:History and Contemporareity
In this article are studing the maine problems of American - Turkish military cooperation and use of Turkish army as importent instrument westernization of Turkish society.

Nepomnyashchy A.A.
Biobibliography Studies of Ulian Kuiakovsky
The basic Crimean studies the personal list of scientists of local lore Kuiakovsky U.A.

Petrova E.B.
Cults of Gods-Healers in Ancient States of the North Black Sea Littoral
This article is dealing with the questions connected with the cults of gods-healers in ancient states of the North Black Sea littoral: Apollo the Healer, Asclepius, Hygiea and others.

Spivak L.A.
The Reasons of Emerging of Zoroastrianism: Towards the Methodology of Religion Study Analysis
This article provides an attempt to underlie the reasons of the emerging of Zoroastrianism by means of comparing the historical situation in the first half of the first millenium ВС on the territory of Iran with pre-Zoroastrian beliefs of Indoiranians. During the reconstruction of the religious system of Indoiranians, Rigveda texts are used along with Avesta.

Ursu D.P.
Archival Search for the Crimean Frenchmen - Hero of Madagascar
In this article the author speaks about archival search for the exact date of birth of Paul Dussac, born at Simferopol by French parents who became a hero of national liberation movement in Madagascar.

Schevelev S.S.
The Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue in 1991 -1993
The author tells about the search of the peaceful decision of the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation in the course of bilateral negotiations in the Madrid, Oslo, Washington, in this article.

Yurchenko S.V.
United States and Western Europe on the Way to "Equate Partnership": Stages and Problems
In this article are analyzing the maine stages of the US-Western Europe relations after the second world war and the perspectives of policy directing to strengthening of the Atlantic community.

Musaeva U.K.
Researching at Ethnography of Crimea of Allukranian Scientific Association of Oriental Studies (1926-1930)
Based on researching field of people ethnography of Crimea researching of Allukranian scientific association of oriental studies (1926-1930), at Ukraine in 20-th century.