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Vol. 16 (55), № 2. 2003

Bobkov V.V.
Contemporary Historiography of the History of Regional Statistic Research during Pre Soviet Epoch
In this article is given an analysis of confempjrary historiography of the problem of local statistical researches. And an review of last publications about history of statistic of Ukrainian and Russian scientistis.

Wolkowa S.A.
New Documents about History of Czech Colony in Tauric Province of XIX Century. According to Materials of Stafe Kussian a Hysterical Kecord Office. (SRHRO)
On the ground of the confemporary records of stafe Russian hystorical Record Office is proposed the classification and the systematization of capital classes of sources about history of Czech emigration in Tauric province in first half of XIX century.

Doroshenko E.N.
The USA and Great Britain Conference in London in April 1942. Their Cooperation and Contradictions. (The Memoirs of A.C.Wedemeyer)
The paper is concerned with USA and Great Britain conference which dedicated to opening the second front in Europe.

Zadereichuk L.A.
Training of Qualified Specialist for the Agricultural Branch in Germans Colonies on the South of Ukraine at the Beginning of the XX Century
This article is about foundation and development of professional education in German colonies on the south of Ukraine. Here we are looking for a work of the practice school by I. Cornis. The special attention is given to the work of Eigenfield's agricultural technical school.

Zmerzlyy В.V.
Crimean Tatars at the Workers' Faculties of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
The article makes a consistent analysis of the problem of the Crimean Tatars' attraction to the Republican workers' faculties against the background of the system of the development of the workers' faculties in the Crimea. Taking a considerable staff of archive materials into account, the article presents a broad picture of the activities of the Crimean workers' faculties and the gradual increase of the Crimean Tatar youth number amidst the students of the faculties. The role and place of the workers' faculties within the educational system in the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in general and of that of the Crimean Tatars in particular is summed up.

Musaeva U.K.
The Yalta Oriental Museum Ethnographic Research of the Crimean Tatars: Historiographic Aspect
The article introduces to the scientific usage information about the activity of a large research center in Crimean Tatar history and ethnography in the 1920s in Yalta from the previously unknown corps of archival documents from Moscow depositories. Ya. M. Yakub Kemal is scientific heritage is analyzed.

Omelchenko A.V.
"The Era of Adenauer - De Gaulle" in Native Historiography of the Second Part of
XX Century: The Change of Paradigms

In the article the problems of french-westgerman relations of 50-60-th of XX century in the native historiography are analyzing.

Omelchuk  D.V.
"Sevastopol (1941-1942)"
In the article is based on the archives materials and devoted to the NKVD activity during defence of Sevastopol in 1941-1942.

Popov A.D.
The Activity of the USSR Voluntary Association of Proletarian Tourism and Excursions in Crimea (1930-1936)
The article is devoted to organization, political, economic, cultural aspects of activity of the USSR Voluntary Association of Proletarian Tourism and Excursions on the territory of the Crimean ASSR. The great attention was attracted to analysis of work of this organization in meeting the tourist in Crimea from different parts of the USSR and development the tourism and excursion service of Crimean inhabitants.

Turchina L.
Mykola Hvyleviy:essay of the Formation of the Social Reference Point
The attempt to follow the main factors, which had action upon the forming of weltanschauungof the author was made at the artikle. That's why the author analyses M. Hvyleviy's child's and youth years, his environmentin this period, taking part in First World War, revolution and civil war. Ascertain that M. Hvyleviy in the first stage of his life founded at russion-language surrounding, soon his grandmother, school teachers and familySmakovskiy roused interest to ukranian history and culture. During the war and revolution events two factors have an influence on the ideological principles of the author: the social program of bolsheviks and national idea; ana in the end an attempt to combine them bring M. Hvyleviy to the natoinal-kommunizm ideology.

Shkolovaya A.
Joseph Hebbels and the Political Myth of the "Third Reich": German Historiography Survey of 80-90s of the XX th century
This article deals with the problem of the "Third Reich" political myth formation by Joseph Hebbels in German Historiography.