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Vol. 17 (56), № 1. 2004

Burov G.M.
The Petroglyphs of Lake Onego and Cult of Fruitfulness
The author proposed a new point of view concerning the purpose of ancient rock carvings of Lake Onego: they were created mainly in order to "stimulate" in magic way the reproduction of hunted beasts and birds.

Maklyuk O.M.
Power and Women in English History of the First Half of the XVI Century
The article is devoted to the analysis of the development relation of the Royal power and women in the England at the end of the XV - beginning of the XVI centuries.

Davletov A.R.
NSDAP: Struggle for Electorate in Weimar Germany
The article analyses the process of expansion of supporters mass of NSDAP in the latest period of Weimar-Republic (1929-1933).

Palkeeva H.
Artist Vasiliev
Impireal orders In this article the author tells us about artist Vasiliev s life in Yalta and about his work for the Imperial family.

Nepomnyashchiy A.A.
New Archives Documents to Biography of Arseniy Markevich, 1921-1926 Years
On the base of a new sources be discovered unknowing stage of life of A.I. Markevich - his work in archives of Crimea.

Yurchenko S.V.
Evolution of the US Foreign Policy in the Third World during 1950-1960s: the Concept Analysis'
This article is devoted to analysis of formation and realization of the US foreign policy in the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America during 1950-1960s and main elements of the model of influence to keystates, especially by foreign assistance.

Shevelev S.S., Batenko A.V.
The Sources on the Origin Jewish-Arab Conflict in the Middle East (the border XIX - XX century)
The clause of is devoted to the investigation of the origin arab-jewish conflict in the Palestine. The range of questions to be analyses at this article is very important as they reflect vital problems of war and peace in the Middle East.

Latysheva E.V.
Development Of A Museum Affair in Aspect of Crimean Tatar's Culture revival (1991-2001)
The development of museum affairs connected with the rebirth of crimeantatar culture and the necessity of popularization of material and spiritual culture of repatriates in the period from 1991 to 2001 is analyzed in this article.

Martsinovsky P.N.
The Market as a Historical Category
The article represented the problem of constituing of the market as a historical category , also represented the widest interpretation of the indicated term, by means of new concept's introduction - "megamarket".

Obrinskaya H.K.
Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy 1991-2003: the Problem of Interaction
The article is dedicated to the problem of interaction between the public opinion and US foreign policy. The author tries to define the possibilities of influence of public opinion on the making of political decisions in international situation of period 1991- 2003.

Zmerzlyy В.V.
Crimean Tatars at the Professional Technique Schools and Schools of Factory and Plant Schooling in the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1920s - 1930s
The study analyzes a topical problem of the Crimean Tatars' involving into the professional technique institutes and Schools of Factory and Plant Schooling of different levels and directions. The process of the development of the system of Schools of Factory and Plant Schooling in the given region is uncovered by means of taking a great staff of sources into account. A characteristic for the Communist Party and State bodies' work for involving the Crimean Tatars in the aforementioned schools is supplied.

Spivak I.A.
"On the Misdeeds of Alexander the Great"
The article is dedicated to the analysis of the image of Alexander the Great in the Zoroastrian (Pahlavi) tradition. The article offers a consecutive and detailed analysis of accusations of Alexander found in Zoroastrian religious texts. On the basis of the analysis made, the conclusion is drawn on the bias of later Zoroastrian tradition.

Savchenko A.A.
"Westernizm" and "Anti-Westernizm" in Ukrainian Mentality; Evolution of Apprehension Image of the West, Structure and Factors of Formation
In this article author shows evolution of apprehension image of the West, structure and factors of formation. We do analyze of attitudes of Ukrainian citizens to NATO, EU, USA.

Dmitriev V.V.
The Contribution of the Boroughs of the Crimea to the Development of the Cultural Sphere of the Region
The role of the administration of the boroughs in the development of education, science and art of the Crimea in the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries has been investigated in this article.