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Vol. 18 (57), № 1. 2005

Petrov I.S.
The Activity of Liberals in Kharkov Zemstvo in 1865 - 1881
Given article represent the analysis of liberal mentality in environment of deputy intellectuals of Kharkov zemstvo in 1865 - 1881. Author investigated the zemstvo projects, in which were expressed the liberal ideas, defined quantitative and qualitative staff of intelligentsia among zemstvo deputies of Kharkov province.

Zmerzlyy В.V.
The Establishment and Activities of Different Journals in Crimean Tatar Language in the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
In this research, the author investigates the process of shaping and activities of the following journals: Qadinlig sotsializm yolunda, Bolsevik yolu, Ya§ leninciler, Edebiyai ve kultura, and Asriy musulmaliq. Changes in number of printed copies, number of pages, and editorial boards of the given publications ha ve also been studied.

Popov A.D.
The Development of the Tourist Industry in the Crimean ASSR under the Management of Soviet Trade Unions (1936-1941)
In this article the activities of Tourist-Excursion Department of the АН-Union Central Council of Trade Unions in the development of tourist-excursion business is described in the Crimea on the eve of the Great Patriotic war. Ihe special attention is given to the modernization of the establishments of tourist infrastructure, organization of trips on the all-union and local routes, making regional excursions and hikes.

Prohorov V.V.
Police Bodies and Publik Order Protection of the Crimea in 1941- 1944 Years
The articles deals with complex analysis of organisation and activity of the bodies of occupation police of the Crimea in 1941-1944 years. The complex of measures, conditions, which influenced the formation during the short period of time of system of the polise bodies of the peninsular, their internal structure, the main and subsidiary functional duties are shown.

Seydametov E.
The Formation of American Crimean Tatar Diaspora. The Activity of American Association of Crimean Turks on 1961-1969
The problem of origin, becoming and development of Crimean Tatar Diaspora in America is considered in the article; formation and functionings of American association of Crimean Turk in 1961 -1969.

Gogunskaya T.
The British-Ukrainian Links: History and Present Time
The article is devoted to the history of the British-Ukrainian political contacts, economical cooperation and dialog of cultures from ancient times to our days. On the basis of this investigation author considers the problems and perspectives in future development of bilateral relations between Great Britain and Ukraine.

Sudak I.
Federalization Process and Development of Regional Features in Canada (1867 - the beginning of XX century)
The features of the federalization process in Canada during the period from 1867 till the beginning of XX century are described in the article. The main emphasis was placed on the development of regional features in Canadian federation.

Yakovenko J.
The Transport Crisis in Russia in 1917-1921
The article is about a problem of condition and work of Russian transport during the civil war. During the years of the First War of World first signs of transport crisis appeared. In 1919 the crisis achieved an apogee. In 1920 an economic situation in Russia began to change; the transport crisis softened.

Gonchar B.M., Volosyuk I.S.
Korean Problem in the U.S. Foreign Policy (90th of the XXth -beginning of the XXIth century)
In this paper «Korean problem» in the U.S. foreign policy is described and its complex character taking into account the DPRK's nuclear weapons and missiles is analysed.