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Vol. 21 (60), № 1. 2008
Khapaev V. V.
Written sources on history of the Crimean earthquakes of the antique and medieval periods
The article deals with the analysis of reliability of written sources on seismic history of Crimea of the antique and medieval periods. The author comes to conclusion, that only information about earthquakes of 1292, XV century and 1615 (with aftershocks) can be recognised as completely authentic. The information on earthquakes of 63 BC and 1751 requires check. Data on destructive influence of Constantinople earthquake of 1341 to the Crimea are doubtful.

Kaushliev G. S.
Travel to Crimea academician V.F.Zueva in a context of activity of Academy of sciences on studying of new territories.
On the basis of various works the contribution of scientific Crimea to studying is considered.

Prochorova T.A.
Frederik Le-Pley. French sociologist’s expierence from “Travellings to South Russia and Crimea”
This topic is devoted to visit to Crimea by French sociologist F. Le-Pley, there was made an accent on his observations and sociological elaborations. The author of this article trade to ascertain an essence of his workings in their possibility to be used in contemporary investigations.

Boyko V.V.
Emigrational motions of the Crimean Tatars in Turkey in the middle of the XIX – beginning of XX centuries: reasons and influence social and economical development of Crimea
The main reason of the article is an analysis of social and economic reasons and consequences of emigrational motions of the Crimean Tatars at the middle of the XIX – beginning of XX centuries. It’s demonstrated that the most severe for the economic situation in Crimea was the third wave of emigration of the Crimean Tatars which took place in 1854-1863 years. It led to the disorder of economic life of the peninsula because of sharp increase in the cost of the hired labor force’s and the fall in land value. The conclusion was that the main reason of the mass emigration of the Crimean Tatars in Turkey was miserable existence of considerable part of this nation because of unresolved land problems.

Gromenko S.V.
Anthony Martsinkovsky: on the formation CRIMEAN STUDIES trends in polish historiography
In the article on the basis of different materials the vital and creative way of Anthony Martsinkovski – the Polish traveler to Crimea, critic, publicist and ethnographer – is reconstructed. There is a review of historiography of problem. Flashbacks of A. Martsinkovski about a journey to Crimea are analysed, and there is estimation of this work.

Seitmemetova S.A.
There are genres and types of publications in a newspaper «Terdzhiman»
It is an attempt to classify genres and types of publications of the first Crimean Tatars newspaper «Terdzhiman». In this work we researched the basic types of genres from the newspaper, the first correspondents of the «Terdzhiman» were found I. Gasprinskiy – being the editor of the newspaper had taken his information.

Klapchuk V.M.
Medicine and sanatorium treatment in Guzulshyna in XIX-XX centuries
The article gives new materials about state of health protection, treatment establishments, medicine staff and chemists in Guzulshyna. The dynamic death-rate and spreading of epidemics are characterized here. The information about the most attractive resorts in Poland and Guzulshyna is revealed in the article.

Zadereichuk А.А.
The activity of Vladimir Eduardovich Falts-Fane in the State Duma of Russian Empire of the third summoning
In this article is considered the Falts-Fane`s part in the work of State Duma of Russian Empire of the third summoning. Demonstrated his participation in the membership of Duma`s commissions and departments, studied legislative activity of Vladimir Eduardovich Falts-Fane.

Prokhorov D.A.
Elements of musical education in educational process of Russian-Karaite’s schools of the Taurida Governorate (1870–1917)
The article discusses the elements of music education, which were applied in pedagogical process in Russian- Karaite educational institutions in Taurida Governorate in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Filimonov S.B.
On Taurida University historiography and history source studies (1918 – 2008)
Annotation: In the article examined questions of historiography and of history source studies of the Taurida University in 1918 – 2008

Nepomnjashij A. A.
About Filimonov`s remark on «methods of co-authorship»
Following bibliographical material is an answer to S. B. Filimonov`s remark, which was stated in one of the comments on his review that was given in this collection of articles.

Bezbrazhnaya Ye. A.
The role of the Crimean scientists in the restoration reserve-research complex Askania Nova (1918 - 1930)
The paper raises issues associated with the processes of reconstruction and development of reserve-research complex Askania Nova in the period from 1918 to 1930. Consider areas of cooperation Askania scientists with scientists of Crimea. The analysis of documents revealing the essence of the Crimean scientists, aimed at organizing the administration and the resumption of scientific work in a conservation-research complex Askania Nova.

Latysheva E.V.
The History of Formation of Soviet System of State Insurance. Coverage in Historiography Sources and Literature of 1920’s
The importance of this research consists in finding out of theoretical and methodical approaches of scientists and practical workers of those years in relation to description of the phenomenon of social institute of state insurance, grounded by them, and necessity and expedience of introduction of government monopoly of insurance business.

Zadereichuk I.P.
Clubs buildings in a system of enlighten deutch in Crimea in 20-30-x XX century
Looked the role of clubs enlighten in a system of deutch of Crimea. Analyzed main matter of their creation, dynamic upgrade of the network and main types of their development.

Nazarchuk T. B.
Certificate work of libraries of Crimea in 20-30th of ХХ сentury
In the article is grounded the necessity of development and perfection of certificate work in the libraries of Crimea in 20–30th of ХХ century. The basic forms of work with readers are exposed. Activity of the Crimean libraries is lighted up in this direction.

Sevastjanov A. V.
The question of studying of medieval history of Crimea in a scientific heritage of the Russian society on studying of Crimea (1922-1932)
On the basis of the analysis of the published researches of members the Russian society on studying of Crimea the course and methodology of consideration of separate aspects history of Crimea of the period of the Middle Ages in the Soviet historical science of 20th ХХ century is shined century the historiographic estimation of the contribution of some scientists (A. S. Bashkirov, U. A. Bodaninsky, I. N. Borozdin, B. N. Zasypkin) in development historical crimenian studies is represented.

Popov A.D.
The Crimean Children’s Excursion-Tourist Station in a post-war period (1940th - 1950th)
Summary: In the article for the first time the organizational and methodical work on development of touristregional movement among children and youth, carried out from the 1944th to the end of the 1950th, has been described by the Crimean Children’s Excursion-Tourist Station.

Ermakov S.G.
The Proclamation Of The State Of Israel. A Course Of The Fighting In The Independence War In 1948-49
An article researches the details of the proclamation of the state of Israel and a course of the fighting in the Independence War in 1948-49. Diplomatic activity of the countries of participants of the conflict. The data about losses of the countries taking part in operations, and also losses among the peace population.