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Vol. 23 (62), № 1, 2010
Historical Science

"History of Ukraine"
Abibullaeva D. I.
Problem Problem of emigration of crimean tatars on pages of newspaper "Terdgiman"
The article deals with the reasons and consequences of Crimean Tatar immigration as well as I. Gasprinsky’s works on the topic mentioned in the newspaper “Terdzhiman”.

Asanova U.K.
New documents on stories of museum business in Crimean ASSR in 20th years of the XX century from funds of the State archive of the Russian Federation
The new case of archival documents devoted stories of museum building in Crimea in first half 20th ХХ century is entered into a scientific turn, revealed in funds the State Archive of Russian Federation (Moscow). Participation of the central bodies of the State commissariat of education of RSFSR in this process is analyzed, forms of interaction of directing bodies and their regional divisions in maintenance of the organizational, methodical, material, research initiative in the course of work of the Crimean museums are represented.

Aulin B. S.
Taurical scientific assotiation’s congresses: the place in the academic Crimean life
The paper traces the role of the congresses Taurical scientific association in the scientific and cultural Crimean life during the Revolution and Civil War in Russia. The article characterizes political and economic situation in the peninsula before the establishment of the association. In addition, paper outlines the major vectors of the organization, aimed at consolidation scientific forces, protection of historical and cultural heritage, etc.

Bobkov V. V.
The town governor of Feodosiya Alexandr Ivanovich Kaznachyeyev: the basic steps of administrative activity
The given work in historical retrospective introduces the fragment of historical portrayal of the prominent Crimean official and head of the town Kaznachyeyev A. I. and also highligIts his major activity on the post of Feodosian governor. Furthemore, his contribution to the welfare of the town in the field of municipal economy and education are described in the particular work.

Gromenko S.V.
Count Adam Serakovsky – Polish traveler in the Crimea the early twentieth century
The article deals with the biography and artistic heritage of the little-known Polish traveler in the Crimea the early twentieth century – Count Adam Serakovsky – journalist, anthropologist and archaeologist. An overview of the historiography of the problem. Analyzed the A. Serakovsky letter from his travels to the Crimea in 1901 and 1902.

Zadereyhuk A.
Contribution of Faltz-Fein family to the socioeconomic and socio-political evolvement of the South of Ukraine in the beginning of XIX century – 1919
The thesis is article to a complex analysis of living and activities of Faltz-Fein family members in the South of Ukraine in XIX – early XX centuries. Using of numerous sources in combination with the synthesis of historiographic legacy on the actual problem provides the basis to consider this family members’ contribution to the socioeconomic and socio-political evolvement of the region to be outstanding and special.

Zadereychuk I.A.
Participation of the germans in the work of land organs
The peculiarities of germans activity in land organs of Tavricheskaya guberniya are disclosed here. The basic types of their activity in land commissions when they took part in discussion and voting of meeting questions are also analyzed.

Ilnitskaya O.I.
Appearance and Development of motion for Reformation of the Turke-Mussulmen written language (the 2-rd half of the XIX – beginning of the XX-th)
A guestion about appearance and development of motion for reformation of the turkie written language is examined in work, аbout reformation of the Arabic alphabet.

Kalinovskyi V. V.
Orthodoxy clergy of Crimea and Hersonissos: unknown pages of research facility
The article, which based on archival documents, reveals interaction famous archeologist K. Kosciusko- Valyuzhinich and leaders of Taurical diocese. Particular attention is paid to the activities of Bishop Nikolai (Ziorov) and his efforts to influence the course of excavations and organize a separate museum of Christian antiquities.

Karmazina N. V.
Questions of preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine in dissertation researches of the last years
Priorities of modern historical researches are exposed in the article, taking into account branch approach. The attempt of scientific classification of dissertations is carried out on questions of preservation of historical and cultural heritage on a problem-thematic sign. Dissertation researches are described on the basis of analysis of their object, aim, basic maintenance, scientific novelty and practical value.

Kaushliev G. S.
The contribution of English voyagers in the case of learning of the Crimea in the end of 18th – beginning of 19th century
Publication is devoted to the estimation of English voyagers’ contribution in case of learning of the Crimea in the end of 18th – beginning of 19th century. Analysis of English travelers` notes which visited Crimea (M. Guthry, R. Lyall, E. Clark, E. Craven and others) has been accomplished. It was proved that English pilgrims among other European travelers had made the most significant contribution in the case of learning of the Crimea in this period.

Latysheva O. V.
Soviet System of Voluntary Insurance in the 1930-ies
The topicality of the research consists in covering the reorganization of the insurance system, that resulted in liquidation of co-operative form, radical changes in the structure of establishments, and unification of recovery of insurance premium. Basic principles of reformation of the system of property insurance were concentrated in “Statute on State Insurance of the USSR”, the project of which was adopted by Ukrderzhstrakh at the conference on July 29, 1930.

Lomakin D. A.
The history of studing complex of muslem monuments of ХIII – ХV centuries in the Stary Krym: V. D. Smirnov
V. D Smirnov’s results of the trip to Stary Krym, descriptions of Moslem antiquities, left by the scientist in his travel notes are examined in the article. Smirnov’s contribution to the study of archeological monuments of Solkhat during the Golden Horde’s times is generalized here.

Molochko Ye.V.
The guidebooks of the second half XIX - early XX centuries as the form popularization of historical and cultural monuments Crimea
In the second half of the XIX century the abundance of archaeological and cultural attractions have made Crimea one of the most attractive tourist regions of the Russian Empire. The increased interest in the development of tourism has been associated with the popularization of historical and cultural heritage of the peninsula. Basic information about the Crimean resorts coming drawn from guidebooks. These reference books are a unique source, as here include information about historic monuments, most of which have not survived to our days. Consideration of these works will allow a comprehensive understanding on the protection and study of historical and cultural heritage of the region in the study period.

Nepomnyashchy A. A.
Nicolay Ernst and Russian Public Library: unknown page of crimean study resercher`s biografy
On the base of unknown documents from Russian national library an activity of the most significant Crimean study researcher Nicolay Ernst has been renewed. His labor activity and scientific relationships in Petrograd have been reconstructed.

Prokhorov D.A.
Trustees of the Russian-Karaite’s educational establishments of the Taurida Governorate in the Mid-Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century
The article discusses the activity of trustees of the Russian-Karaite’s educational establishments of the Taurida Governorate in the Mid-Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century.

Savochka A. N.
Formation and Development of Public Charity Organizations of Yalta District (second part of 19th – to the early 20th century)
The article is devoted to the genesis of public charity in Yalta district of Taurida province in the second part of 19th – to the early 20th century. Historical reconstruction of activity of philanthropic organizations of the general type, unions that had provided aid by ethnic and religion belonging, societies that had supported non-adults of South coast of Crimea, had been accomplished. It was proved that national minorities of Taurida province had made remarkable contribution in the case of development public philanthropy in the Yalta district.

Sevastyanov A.V.
Studying an antiquity and holding in remembrance: Problems of history of material culture and protection of monuments in a scientific heritage of members of the Russian society on studying of Crimea (1922-1932)
In article on the basis of the analysis of a file of scientific publications of members of the Russian society on studying of Crimea active research process on studying of history of material culture and protection of monuments in Crimean ASSR in 20 is recreated – the beginning of 30th ХХ century. Is represented a historiographic estimation of a scientific heritage of A.S.Bashkirov, G.A.Bonch-Osmolovsky, I. N. Borozdin, K.E.Grinevich, Ju.Ju.Marti.

Seitova E.
The System of Privileges of the Settlers to Crimea from 1944-1964
As a result of the Great Patriotic War, Crimea had major human losses. To restore the demographic potential, infrastructure, and national farming, the Governmental Committee of Defense recognized the need to resettle able-bodied collective farm workers to Crimea from different regions of Russia and Ukraine. With the goal of active settling and also a successful and quick adaption of the arriving people, a system of privileges was introduced and implemented. It implied the compensation of all kinds of costs connected with transportation of the resettlers from places where they used to live to places where they were going to live; costs connected with their successful arrival and settlement; and also their maximal comfortable living on the peninsula.

Tkachenko S.
Analysis of actions of soviet aviation on a supply Crimean partisan in June 1943 – April 1944
Summary: In the article, operating of soviet aviation is investigational under a various supply partisan of Crimea in a third period of their battle activity, problems of aviation constituent of co-operation opens up, information is presented about an accident rate in the process of the aviation providing of partisan connections of Crimea.