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Vol. 24 (63) № 1. 2011
Historical Science

Gankiewicz W. Y.
Geral-Lieutenant Victor Amadeus von Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym: (slightly forgotten biography of a general of Katharina’s epoch)
The article reveals the biography of a Russian general, the V. A. Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym (1744 – 1790). He took an active part in the First and the Second Russian-urkish wars and died in the Russian-Swedish war. The Prince distinguished himself during the battles for arna, Ochakov, Caushan, Ackerman, Bender and therefore was awarded with medals of higher degrees.

Zadereychuk A.
The use of modern equipment in Falz-Feins manors
In the article the use of modern agricultural machinery in Falz-Feins manors is considered  Names of the firms which equipment Falz-Feins preferred to use are enumerated.

Zadereichuk I.A.
The history of Cronental colony. 200-years anniversary
The article is devoted to the history of one of the oldest colonies on the territory of Crimea. The  prob-lems of populating, agricultural development, religion and education are revealed here. 

Initskaya O. I.
Restoration and developing of agricultural sector of Crimean area as a structural part of the  RUFSR in the post-war period: problems, ways, decisions, results
The process of restoration and developing of agricultural sector Crimea as a part of the RUFSR  during 1946 – 1953 рр. is being examined in the project . The objective and subjective reasons  that had a negative influence on the development of agriculture have been mentioned . That  caused the transmission of Crimea from the RUFSR to the USSR .

Kaushliev G. S.
The role of A. N. Demidoff`s research expedition in case of historical and regional studies of   Crimea
The course of A. N. Demidoff`s research expedition in Crimea has been reconstructed. It was  proved that this journey played key role in case of historical and regional studies of Crimea in  the first half of 19th century. The historiographical review of this issue has been represented.  During this review it was established that there is no objective assessment of the contribution of  A. N. Demidoff in historical and cultural study of the peninsula in the modern historiography.

Kokhan A. A.
Administration managerial control in Crimea in German occupation
The article is devoted the basic moments of creation and functioning of organs of local government in Crimea in 1941-1944 The personal touches and distinctions in forming of city justices are examined in the context of realization of policy the German of occupation troops "new order". Similarly light up the problems of co-operation of local organs of management andGerman of occupation authorities.

Latysheva O. V.
“Koopstrah” USSR – formation and activity in the 20-ies
Topicality of this research consists in detailed analysis of process of formation and activity of (Co-operative Insurance), an original co-operative association with insurance functions that appeared to be out of attention of historians. The system of co-operative insurance, functionally and organizational united other co-operative societies, but unfortunately it dropped out of view of researchers, therefore deserves attentive study.

Makarov R. V.
Kingdom Iraq creation – result of partial failure expansion plans of Great Britain (from experience practical East studying to foreign policy department of Ukraine)
In work the theme of creation of kingdom Iraq in 1921 as consequences of partial failure expansion aspi-rations of Great Britain and refusal of initial plans of annexation of territory of Mesopotamia is considered. And then and full refusal of direct control over it of the national -liberation movement connected with sharp strengthening in the country, and its replacement by the indirect form of control by creation of the dependent state.

Pinchuk Y. A.
Syncretic history of Crimean studies in 20-th of XX century: attempt of unbiased anal-izies
Monograph published in the series of “Biobibliography of Crimean studies” was duely analized.

Prokhorov D.A.
Traditional Karaite’s educational establishments in the Russian empire in the Nine-teenth and  Early Twentieth Century
The article discusses the history of the Karaite’s traditional educational establishments in the  Russian empire in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century.

Razumikhina N. N.
The Principle of The National Sovereignty in the Constitution of Ukraine and in the First  Constitution of Turkey (1921)
In article the concept of a principle of the national sovereignty concerning application given in  constitu-tions of two countries, and also the reasons which have led to necessity of fastening of  this concept of official documents and the subsequent historical events reveals.

Ruyev V. L.
The arrowheads of Ottoman arrows on the results of research strengthening № 14 of the defense main line of Mangup in 2007
In 2007 around strengthening №14 of the defense main line of Mangup the closed  archaeological com-plex connected with Mangup siege by Turks in 1475 was found exposed.  Among things  there were 114 tips of arrowheads. The author allocated 3 types and 2 subtypes  of similar things,  defined key parameters and their extremum points. It is concluded that  similar finds at the  territory of other archaeological places of Crimea (Funa, Aluston,  Chembalo) are connected  with the Ottoman military expedition to the Crimea in June –December 1475.

Savochka A. N.
Public charity as regulator of social interrelations in the Taurida province during 19 – beginning of 20th century
The article is devoted to the analysis of the role of public charity in regulation of social  interrelations in the Taurida province during 19 – beginning of 20th century. It was explored  that philanthropy in this region had promoted level of social protection, had alerted spreading  of professional beggaring, had raised level of education and social mobility of local civilians  and  had assisted in case of lowering tensity in the society. It was discovered that public charity  had  been playing significant role in case of harmonization interethnic and interclass  relationships in  the Crimea and North Tauria during imperial period.

Seitova E. I.
Labor emigration to Crimea (1944–1966)
In this article, based on a bloсk of archive materials, the problem of resettlement in Crimea  throughout the years 1955-1966 is uncovered. Light is shed on the course of the processes,  peculiarities, and difficulties with which organizers are faced with. Also present are the  statistics of the number of resettled people and the description of the system of privileges.  words:  resettlement, resettlers, system of privileges, national farming.

Senin A.P.
Evpatoria and railway projects at the beginning of 20-th cent.
This article is devoting the problem of projection the Evpatorian railway road in the beginning  of 20-th cent. The author is defined basic stages of planning a permanent way from 1900 till  1915.  The special atten-tion is concentrated to the period before the building this permanent  way  1911–1915 and as a finish railway system was done successfully.

Serova K.D.
«Memorable books of the Taurida province» as source on history of domestic trade of Crimea 60–90th of the XIX century
The article is devoted to one of kinds of the sources on history of domestic trade of Crimea in  60–90th of XIX century. The author gives the characteristic of a reference media of Taurida  province – memorable books and calendars, as a sources on problems of functioning of a home  market of Crimea. Keywords: Crimea, trade, «memorable books».

Yashnyy D.
Postcards with views of the Crimea in historical retrospective  (1899-1917)
The study raises issues related to attribution of pre-Soviet postcards for the introduction of a  scientific revolution has not previously studied group of visual sources for the history of  Crimea. Reveals the history of the development known to date publisher of the peninsula early  twentieth century. Considered the basic sources for attribution postcards.