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Vol. 24 (63) № 2. 2011
Historical Science

Akimchenkov V. V.
The history of museology in Sebastopol by Newspapers "Маяк Коммуны"
The separate facts of activity of Art gallery and a revolution Museum in Sevastopol throughout 20 –  30th years of the XX-th century on the basis of newspaper materials «a commune Beacon» Are considered.  Attempt to come nearer to judgement of the historical maintenance of that historical epoch by revealing of  level of scientific and personal communications of regional specialists is carried out.

Andreeva L. U.
Little known correspondence of academics: D. Yavornytsky – N. Samokish
In the article analyzes the correspondence D. Yavornitsky and M. Samokish, first introduced into scien- tific circulation lists D. Yavornitsky to M. Samokish. Correspondence transmits privacy features and range of  interests of Ukrainian intellectuals in 20-30 years and is a valuable source of information of this era.

Anisimova O.S.
Certificate editions of the Russian empire as sources for the study of history of cities of Crimea
Information, exposed in certificate editions, lights up some aspects of life of the Crimean cities: status, number of habitants. Sometimes there was more complete information, touching political and economic  history of cities of Crimea.

Gankiewicz W.
The ruling Duke Ferdinand Friedrich of Anhalt-Kцthen-Pless: the founder of the  Askania-Nova colony
The article is devoted to the biography of Duke Ferdinand Friedrich of Anhalt-Kцthen-Pless (1769– 1830), who was the founder of Askania-Nova colony in the South of Ukraine. On the basis of little-known  sources the so called «milestones» of his life and work have been disclosed. Apart from that, the process of founding of Askania-Nova is highlighted.

Gogunskaya T.
The tragedy of the Crimean Front 1942 in the memoirs and diaries
This article provides the memoirs overview on the history of the Crimean Front in 1942. Both historical  and psychological sides of the Kerch disaster are shown on the basis of the memoirs of participants and wit- nesses of the events of spring military campaign in the Eastern Crimea.

Ischenko E. S.
The problems of renewal of Simferopol Alexander-Nevsky cathedral (1991–2003)
According to the periodic literature of 1991–2003 the article traces the events related to revival of Simfe- ropol Alexander-Nevsky cathedral. Different social, political and religious organizations' points of view are  exposed. Particular attention is paid to the founded compromise on a recreation of the cathedral in borders of  religious-patriotic complex.

Kaushliev G. S.
Studies of Western European voyagers in case of study of cultural heritage in the Crimea in the end of 18th – beginning of 19th century
History of studies in case of study of cultural heritage in the Crimea by members of European intellectual  elite has been reconstructed. Analysis of travelers` and scientists` notes and scientific publications (Sh.-G.  Romme, M. Guthrie, E. D. Clarke, F. Dubois de Montpйreux) which visited Taurida during this period has  been accomplished. It was proved that their studies had laid foundation in the case of learning and safeguard- ing cultural legacy in the Crimea. It was proved that monuments of Kerch peninsula, Sudak, Feodosia, Cher- sonesos Taurica were the main objects of studies for European pilgrims.

Malyshev D. A., Bliznyakov R. A.
Some fund work of museums of antiquities of Crimea assignments: specialist in museum management aspect
In the article it is told about of conditions keeping funds collection museums of antiquity of the Crimea  in pre-revolutionary period. To illuminate that direction in activity work museums of Feodosia, Kerch, Simfe- ropol and Sevastopol. In detail talking about problem of funds working. In article was use archive and docu- ments from museums funds.

Nepomnyaschiy А.
To restoration of geography of N. L. Ernst`s archeological researches
On the basis of documents from the manuscript department of the Scientific Archive of the Institute of  History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences and scientist’s investigation case an attempt  of reconstruction of the history of N. L. Ernst`s archaeological excavations and explorations in the Crimea has  been made.

Seitova E. I.
The program of economical and social development of the resettled people in Crimea
During the 1960s, the resettlement process in Crimea was in progress. The main factor, which assured  the effectiveness of this process was,  as best as possible, the economical and social development of the  resettled people. During this period the goverment managed this task, because a vast building program was  unfolding. And the resettled people were arranging with special privileges and loans being given to them.

Seitmemetova S. A.
Books by I. Gasprinsky' edition for teaching secular disciplines in Muslim schools
In the article is a short analysis of educational printed production published by the publishing house  "Terdzhiman." Here are considered the main educational publications which are recommended by I. Gasprin- sky for teaching secular subjects in Muslim schools

Serova K. D.
Tavern establishments of the Crimea in the second half of XIX century
Article is devoted to the operation of the tavern trade Crimea in the second half of XIX century as one of the commercial activities of the population, reflecting the characteristics of the organization of local urban markets of the peninsula. The author examines the dynamics of change in the number of tavern establishments on the peninsula, the rules and features of their work.

Takha A. M.
Formation of ethnic and religious tolerance in a multicultural Crimea
The article deals with the problems of interfaith relations in contemporary Ukraine and Crimea, which becomes crucial concept of interfaith dialogue, considered as the most adequate form of relationship between followers of different faiths, employees reach agreement between them. Of particular importance to the analysis of modern concepts of "Islam and the modern Ukrainian society.

Khayruddinova E. M.
The Peculiarities of Relationship of Soviet Government and Muslims in the Crimean Autonomous Republic (1920  –  1930)
The article discusses the general features and some peculiarities of the relationship between Soviet state and the Muslim clergy in the Crimean Autonomous Republic.

Shendrikova S. P.
Crimean guest tour of Pavel Orlenev
In the presented article the guest tour of the famous Russian drama actor Pavel Orlenev around Crimea in the beginning of the XX th century is analysed.