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Vol. 26 (65) № 1. 2013
Historical Science


Avseneva S.N.
Kerch in the late 18th – the first quarter of the 19th century in the notes of foreign travelers

Dvirna K. P.
Financial and fiscal policies of the occupying authorities and the specifics of its implementation as an example reichscommisariat «Ukraine» and the general area of «Kyiv» (1941–1944)

Karmazina N. V.
Proceedings of the VI Archaeological Congress in Odessa as a source of historical development in the southern Ukraine monument study

Kryukov V.G.
The notions on northern coast of the Black Sea and the Crimean peninsula of Arabic scientist of the first half of the IX century al-Huwarizmi

Levchenko Y. I.
Features of the occupation policy of agriculture in the administrative-territorial units of Ukraine of 1941–1944

Lepisevich N. Z.
Romanov dynasty and the Crimea: a view from pages by the magazine «Marine Collection»

Osmanov E. E.
Mosque Yesil-Jami located in the Bakhchisaray

Parafilo D. M.
The scientific study of book treasures «Kara-Bitikligi»

Pasechnikov I. A.
Taurida guard department in struggle with revolutionary movement (1902–1904)

Ruyev V. L.
Objects of cultural heritage on the nature-reserve territories in the context of complex protection of biodiversity and cultural heritage

Sevastiyanov A. V.
Return of scientist : around rehabilitation G. A. Bonch-Osmolovsky (late 30 's – early 40 's XX century)

Seit-Mametov Sh. E.
Crimean collection of the sources in the palace-museum Topkapi as an object of the scintific study

Sokolov A. А.
Activities Sevastopol city organization of the Ukrainian Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture (60th - 80th years of the twentieth century)

Spivak I. A.
«Religious policy of Alexander Makedonian» — thirty six years later

Yashny D.
Cultural heritage of Crimea on the pre-soviet art postcards (1895–1917)

Gertsen A. G.
Main stages of the history Doros-Theodoro (Mangup) in the light of archaeological research expedition Taurida Vernadsky National University

Ishchenko N.
The Cousins’ War

Moiseyenkova L.S.
The Greek population of the Genoese colonies in Crimea