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Vol. 26 (65) № 1. 2013
Historical Science


Akimchenkov V. V.
To history of the Military and historical museum of Sevastopol in the late twenties – the beginning of the 30th years of the XX century

Andreeva L. U.
Unknown page biography E. P. Samokish-Sudkovskaya : the 150th anniversary of the birth

Ischenko E. S.
The History of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ In the Shelter Correctional For Juvenile Delinquents

Kokhan A.
«Sovremennik» of 1943: to a question on activity of an editorial board and selection the published materials

Kravchuk A. S.
Taurida governor A. M. Borozdin

Lepisevich N. Z.
Events of World War I on the Black Sea in the presentation of the magazine «Marine Collection»

Nigmatullin E. R.
Description of decrees of «Complete collection of laws of russian empire», touching distribution and development of sheep breeding on South of Ukraine

Osmanov E. E.
Repair and restoration work in the architectural complex of the Khan palace in the years 1944–1990

Parafilo D. M.
To the question on formation to the book collection «Kara-Bitikligi»

Pasechnikov I. A.
Formation and development of the bodies of the political police of Sevastopol in the XIX century

Ruyev V. L.
The Capture of Soldaya by Turkish in 1475

Yurochkin V. Y.
Worthy replenishment of a treasury of the Crimean study of local lore / V. Y. Yurochkin

Aibabin A. I.
Written sources on Byzantine ports in the Crimea from the fourth to seventh century

Gertsen A. G.
Moldova and Feodoro principality before the face of the Ottoman expansion

Martsynovsky P.
Structure of the international navigation at the Crimean ports and it`s place in foreign trade of the Russian empire in the second half XIX – the beginning of XX century